Second Slices® specializes in custom designed Cakes n Cupcakes for Weddings, Birthdays and all special occasions. We work personally with each client to design a cake for their celebration, taking the time and ensuring that the final result is no less than a masterpiece! All Cakes are baked from scratch.
Edmonton, AB.
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Creating beautiful, elegant and stylish Wedding Cakes,Cupcakes and Cookies!


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Located as a home business in Edmonton, Second Slices® Cakery Inc. creates the finest Cakes for every milestone in your life. We specialize in custom designed Cakes and Cupcakes for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, and all other special occasions.

About Us– Second Slices® Cakery Inc- - a specialty cake shop in Edmonton—Alberta specializing in Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookie favors

All of our Cakes are baked from scratch, our decorations are handmade and edible. We believe that taste should be the priority of any cake or confection, with beauty coming in a close second. Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. This is why we also offer specialized cakes (Vegan, (dairy and/or eggless free) gluten free) those who are either lactose intolerant or allergic to certain products.take pride in baking everything from scratch to order, with fresh quality ingredients and only the finest ingredients.We do not use cake mixes, artificial ingredients and never freeze our cakes. Freshly baked wedding cakes and celebration cakes with no preservatives added make a huge difference when creating your dream cake. All cake decorations and flowers are handmade using fondant, sugar paste, sugar or royal icing. If you prefer we can also use real flowers.

Cake designer Rosmari Kozlowski came from Brazil where she was a successfully Self Employed Fashion Designer for over 15 years. During this time as a side hobby she baked many cakes for friends and their family events. After coming to Canada she decided to continue to use her Fashion Designer creativity in another field. Her passion for creativity and design embarked her on a new path for her second and new Canadian career. During her time here in Sherwood Park , she strived to improve compliment her skills by taking more Classes at NAIT along with other classes from North American cake designers to incorporate the North American style into her cultural background and training.

is a current member of the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) and recently attended cakery courses at a major cake convention as a participant in the Florida ICES chapter (FLICES). of the leading top North American Cake Designers attended to teach and participate in this event such as Nicholas Lodge, Ruth Rickey, Susan Carberry and even Zane Beg some of whom were or have been contestants from cake shows on The Learning Channel (TLC).

Each cake is individually designed and made-to-order. We will work hard to help you design an outstanding cake for your centerpiece of your celebrated moment.
Whether it is a corporate event, anniversary, wedding, birthday or some other special event, we hope our cakes would make your special day even more memorable…. After all for your special day or event, you want a cake for your center piece that will reflect your special day and make a memory to last a lifetime made by someone that strives to keep current and up to date on the latest trends, designs from learning from some of the best industry instructors to improve their skills and techniques.

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